Gladiator Sandal

All over the world, people of all ages regularly enjoy wearing different types of sandals. Among the most popular types of sandals being worn these days are gladiator sandals.

Named for their resemblance to the strapped footwear that ancient Roman gladiators wore, these sandals usually feature multiple straps across the top, and have additional straps that attach to the ankles. Having the sandals strapped to the ankles helps to prevent the footwear from slipping off while being worn.

There are flat-style gladiator sandals, and there are high-heeled versions of the interesting-looking footwear. Some of these sandals feature ankle straps that are mid-ankle in height, while others reach the mid-upper calf mark. There are even models of these sandals that are knee-high.

Gladiator sandals by Brand House Direct are available in leather, braided fabrics, suede, jewel-embellished fabric, and faux patent leather versions. Most pairs of these sandals are also reasonably priced.

Women really like the versatility that gladiator sandals offer. Whether a smart summer dress or a pair of ripped jeans is being worn, these dynamic sandals look good with almost any outfit.

Although gladiator-style sandals are most often designed for and worn by women, there are many different types of these sandals designed for men these days.

Appropriate to wear at most casual and semi-casual events, gladiator sandals are an integral part of many women’s wardrobes.

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